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CDW Insurance - $25 per day

You have the option to add Collision Damage Waiver insurance to any rental of our camper vans. With the CDW insurance the lessee is fully covered in the event of an accident or damage to the van. 

*Excluding tire and windshield damage. 

You will be responsible for a $1,000 Deductible when using your own insurance in the event of any accident or damage caused to the van.

There is an option to purchase additional insurances from us, which will make your camping trip less stressful!

For those who want to buy complementary insurances we offer:

Supplemental Liability Insurance ($14.95 per day): covers the lessee in case of third party damages from an accident. 

The Gravel and Windshield Protection ($8 per day): the lessee is insured for any damages caused by rocks thrown on to the van which might damage the windshield and headlights. By getting this insurance the lessee reduces the self-risk from $900 to $0.

The Tire Insurance ($3 per day): the lessee will be covered against possible damages to the tires.  It covers the cost of repairing the tire or the tire itself if a new one has to be purchased.  The insurance also covers the workshop cost of mounting the new/fixed tire.  You will however have to change the tire yourself when you have a flat and bring the damaged tire to a workshop.  

Exception Exception

Campervan rental insurance does NOT cover:

  1. Reckless driving – speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  2. Undercarriage damage is not covered by the insurance. So, if for some reason you drive over a big rock, check for oil leakage or any damage and let us know as soon as possible. Small unchecked problems can become major ones!
  3. Damage due to the wind catching the doors.
  4. Flat tires – We rent you a camper with 5 working tires and we expect it to be back with 5 working tires. It’s the lessee’s responsibility to change the tire and get a flat tire fixed.

KúKú Campers Alert

!!! Camper BATTERY !!!

Remember to ALWAYS turn lights off when car is off - unplug chargers from cigarette lighters and go easy on radio use when engine is not running. Flat batteries happen faster than we think, and roadside assistance in that case is at lessee's cost.

Drive in Colorado and be aware

There are few minor things we want you to be aware of:
  1. Windsheild Damage - This can be quite common here in Colorado. Whether it be a small chip from a rock or piece of gravel, or fully damaged windsheild. Any damage will be the responsibility of the lessee. We do offer windsheild protections for $5 a day, which has you covered no matter how big or small the damage!
  2. Long Distance? - Free mileage for you, KúKú friend!
  3. Speed limits – Most highways 65 mph, Please keep your eyes open for any and all speed limit signs, and changes in speed according to weather conditions. Speed cameras! (have really low tolerance) Note that you will be charged a $35 processing fee on top of the fine!
  4. Toll Roads- You are welcome to use them when available, but if we receive the invoice or violation, you will be charged a $35 processing fee on top of the fine!
  5. Respect nature, she is our favorite!