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Why Falltime is the best season to road trip

Why Falltime is the best season to road trip

Why Autumn is the best season to road trip

Yes, it’s close to being time to put the cover back over the BBQ grill, store the croquet set back in the garage and get back to normal life.
But before you close the books of traveling for the rest of the year, did you know it’s actually cheaper, less stressful and much easier to travel during the transition of Summer into Fall?

The end of Summer is actually the best time to plan and go on a road trip. Fewer people are traveling, so prices for national parks and parking drops, and the stress of getting lost in the crowds or waiting in lines of hundreds of people decreases significantly.

You may think I’m Kuku for saying that, and you’re right! September and October are going to be the best months for the rest of the year to take a spontaneous trip wherever you want.
We think that Summer vacation should be something fun and relaxing. Most people will plan their trips during the Summer, but there are a few reasons that may be a bad idea (unless love paying more money at theme parks):

Everybody takes time off work

This is the one time of the year where everyone takes time off from work because the kids are out of school. It’s the best time to connect as a family, so planning a trip to the Grand Canyon or visiting Disney World during the Summer makes the most sense.

The problem with this is that literally everywhere you go, there are billions of people waiting in line to get selfies in front of the president's big carved faces! Parks that should be there to help you become one with nature turn out to be a scene for road rage toward the idiots that are driving 10 below the speed limit.

People are everywhere!

Things get more expensive

When the demand for something goes up, so does the capitalization of it! This doesn’t so much happen among national franchise chains (McDonalds, Walmart, etc) but it does happen much more often with smaller communities. Mom and pop shops are notorious for jacking up prices when they know travelers from other states are visiting.

If you plan on traveling during the summer and want to save money, you may be eating PBJ sandwiches and ramen noodle cups the whole time!

The weather is a PAIN!

I’ll be honest - 9 times out of 10, when a customer complains about the cons of a trip, it’s always about how they lost their sunscreen and got sunburned or died of heatstroke.
The end of June and beginning of July seem to be the most brutal months across the country.

If you’re planning on trecking outside most of the time - be prepared to feel miserable, dehydrated, and for your skin to start sizzling from the rays of sunlight!

(okay, maybe it won’t be that bad... but close!)

Benefits of traveling during the Fall

While the rest of the world is going back to work, you can use this time to your advantage by visiting places without the hassle of bumping into sweaty, grumpy people!

Fewer crowds

Disney World will always be busy (let’s be honest) but people who have gone there both during the Summer and Fall months have said that there is a SIGNIFICANT difference in crow levels.
There’s less trash laying around, smaller lines for rides, and better deals on tickets.

Also, if you’re planning on driving your Kuku camper van through the mountains, the traffic is much better, especially in the mountains. Summertime traveling causes a lot of stop and go traffic and major delays. But Falltimes is when the number of vehicles on the road cut back quite a lot.

Better chance of getting time off

Because summer and the holidays are the biggest season for people to request time off from their work, the demand for time off during the fall is much less. Don’t quote me on this, but a few customers we’ve talked to have said it was much easier for them to get the time off last minute during the Fall than it would have been during June or July.

You may be thinking to yourself, “You don’t know my boss. They’d never let me go on vacation anytime I want.” If that’s the case, you need to show them what a Kuku camper van looks like! Show them how easy it is to convert a couch into a bed, or how to fry a delicious omelette on a portable gas stove while in the middle of nowhere.

If they still don’t give you time off, then it’s time to fire your boss!

Stuff to bring on your Fall trip

Don’t forget to bring your camera if you’re planning on getting some good photos of the changing trees. ​October typically is when the trees are fully turned here in Colorado, and is the best time to drive up to the mountains to get some great shots of the aspens turning.

Or Pines trees.
(but pines don’t turn color).
If that’s what you want though, more power to you!

Also, make sure you bring a sweater or a cardigan.​ I know we just came out of Summer and you’re probably still digging the shorts and flips. But if you’re planning on road tripping through the mountains, just remember that it does get more chilly, mostly in the evenings.

One more reason to “Trip the Fall”

Kuku campers always has amazing deals, and Fall Time is no different. We’ll have some big price drops and promos coming up, so if money’s been an issue for you on why you can’t road trip, we’ll help you out.

If you’re looking for some practical ways to make your Fall Trip even more affordable, check out our article: ​“Ways To Roadtrip Without Breaking Your Wallet.”​ That’s right, we know the secrets for travelers to explore without going broke.

Have questions? Give us a shout out! We’re always here to help.