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Where to Shower on the Road

Where to Shower on the Road

"You may not find a path, but you will find a way." - Tom Wolfe.

Something about road trips keeps us intrigued with the experiences and ventures that we have never seen or felt before. It's all about the journey, finding new people, and moments that can be hard to describe; however, it's also about caring for a few essential things such as where will you sleep or how you will wash your clothes? And most importantly, how to shower on the road?

Road trips are about making a few compromises, and showering daily can be one of them. But don't stress! We are here to share some tips that can be a great source of showering while on the road trip. 

Places to shower on the road.

Take a shower on the beach.

If you are taking a road trip around a seaside or coast, you have access to public beaches equipped with free showers everywhere. For taking a shower on these public spots, all you would need is a soap, towel and a bathing suit. 

These showers might not be warm, but they are free, convenient and easy to access. 

These showers come with a utility hole cover that allows water to run inside, so you don't have to worry about using too much shampoo for scrubbing; however, if there are simple showers installed, avoid using shampoo or soap as the water usually sinks into the ocean or sand. 

If you are not traveling anywhere near the coast, which means you need to look for inland places to shower, look for public showers nearby lakes and rivers, which provide access to taking a quick dip.

Solar shower

Solar showers are another great hack for showering while on the road. Usually, these portable solar showers hold upto 5 gallons of water and heats it when kept under the sun. They take little space, so they save you on storage as well. This usually requires showering outside, so keep your bath suit handy. 


Even if you haven't subscribed to it already, recreational centers such as gyms offer day facilities for a minimal amount. Comes with hot showers, steamers and spas, gyms make a good option for showering. Yeah, baby! This can be pretty comforting to have a warm water shower after adventurous days on the road. 

Some full-time travelers keep gym memberships just for using facilities no matter which town they are traveling to.

Shopping centers

If you are tight on budget and spending money on a hotel is not acceptable, here is a solution: find a shopping center or mall; you can visit an accessible toilet, use a sink, wash and get a quick cleanup. 

Do not stay too long and clean up after yourself. 

Truckstop station

Truck stops have been made more friendly by installing various food joints, laundry rooms, showers and places to sleep. So pay for using amenities, and you can have yourself a nice shower. 

It can be difficult to be on the road, driving and exploring the town; sometimes, it is better to take time off and hit a motel to spend a night or two. You won't require carrying toiletries, and it will be easy to wash clothes as well. Can you afford it? Why not? 

Finding a motel is not difficult; with a few bucks, you can use the shower facility instead of spending two-three days as well. 

Water tanks

When you are on the road unaware of your destination, and it has been days, you haven't spotted a hotel, gas station or shower facility. However, you might have come across water facilities such as fountains, tubes, a waterfall of some kind; these sources also work as a place to shower on the road.

Carry a tank of water, fill it up and have a quick shower!


If you are camping in areas where access to these facilities is difficult, then finding yourself a campsite is another solution to go for it. You can search the internet for nearby campsites and enjoy amenities at very minimal cost. 

State parks

Many state parks come with beautiful campgrounds with various amenities such as washrooms and showers, which can be accessed with a minimal fee. 

These state parks are a popular choice among RVers who use excellent water pressure, hot water and space for moving around. 

Depending upon the park and the crowd, you may or may not get hot water for the shower, but state park showers work as a great hack for places to shower.

Waterfall, river or lake

For true outdoor experience and adventurous van life, rivers and lakes play a great alternative for your shower needs. Though water might be cold, it will be abundant and will help you cool off. Do not forget to use only environment-friendly soaps and shampoo. Just dive in and enjoy. 

Portable showers

Another alternative for places to take a shower while on the road is to carry a portable shower; these are a one-time investment that is easy to carry, and if you need warm water, fill it up and let it sit for a few hours in the sun, and you will be good to go.

Camper van

Hitting on a road trip by renting a camper van is another good option to adventurous your journey. A camper van comes with various benefits such as water tanks, fridges, removable beds, and proper lighting, making your adventure comfortable. 

This is an easy way to shower on the road; whether you are riding up to the mountains or traveling through the desert, these camper vans work as the best option as places to shower on the road. 

You can check out Kuku Campers for renting or buying a campervan for your next road trip. 

Hot springs

If you are driving around the USA, you will find various hot springs; some are free while chargeable. They are best for soaking and showering, which will help clean and shower and be relaxing. 

Swimming pools

After a long day of traveling, everyone needs a relaxing time, so why not a calming dip into a swimming pool. Enjoy the pool, sun, some stretching and a relaxing shower. The day rent is also cheap, so you can spend the whole day relaxing and showering before hitting the road again. 

Make some new friends or find old one's

The best showers are the ones that are found in the house, even if they belong to your friend. If you are traveling around an area where you know a few people, calling them to use a shower can be a great idea. And if not, you can always seek the help of social media to make new friends who might be willing to let you use their shower and show you around the town. 

Connect with locals, who are willing to put their home for the rental purpose for a night, and this can be comfy as well. After reassuring ( that you are not a crook or a killer! ), They can acquaint you with a nice shower and place to stay for a night.

If everything else doesn't work, fake it!

If you haven't been able to find an option that works for you, here is a quick fix that can be kept handy. You can always bring along some baby wipes or a washcloth and a small portable bucket so that when everything else fails, you have a quick solution to get yourself cleaned. 


It's not pretty when you have got 5 days of grime and dust on yourself! Having a quick shower can be a big relief. Unless you are planning to stay in a hotel, these places to shower can help maintain hygiene. Also, while using a natural source of water such as a lake, waterfall or beach, do not forget to grab biodegradable soap and shampoo that are especially formulated for camping and travelling adventures!