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5 awesome camping winter activites!

5 awesome camping winter activites!


While here in Colorado we’ve seen a shortfall of snow, in a lot of areas across the country, snow is still falling, which adds a different dynamic for when you’re camping outdoors.

But don’t let that deter you from taking your camper van rental into the mountain this month! We’ve talked to several winter camper enthusiasts who’ve given us some great ideas on how to avoid being stuck in your camper, and what to do to enjoy your time in the snow.

So, here’s our list of 5 awesome winter activities to do while camping!

1. Snow Fort, Snow Ball Fight

Nothing beats an epic contest of building a fort to take shelter behind, and then pounding your opponents with snow balls! Each team gets 1 hour to build their fort (use plastic bins to shape snow blocks) and make their stockpile of snow balls. Want to make it more interesting? Turn it into a game of capture the flag!

2. Go Sledding

Our KuKu campers have room to bring a long your sleds! If you really want to have a blast with this, create some speed bumps going down the hill and have your friends snap a picture of you flying mid-air!

3. Ice Fishing

Check with your campground to make sure the lake is frozen enough, and then catch some trout to cook later on the fire! Never gone ice fishing before? Check this video out on the basics.

4. Putt-putt Mini Golf

Use a tin can as your hole, then pack down the surrounding snow with your storage bin (standing in it works great!) for the course. Add some snow hills, tunnels and bridges to make it more interesting!

5. Make Legit Snow Cones

You can get your assorted syrups and supplies on Amazon here. But be advised, as some people have warned us of mischievous friends who’ve handed them a “lemon-flavored” snow cone.