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4 Secrets to make Camping fun!

4 Secrets to make Camping fun!

4 Secrets to make Camping fun for your easily bored friends!

Whether you’re asking for a friend who hasn’t experienced the thrill of camping, or you’re asking because camping’s new for you and the rumors of sitting around a campfire all day scare your adventurous soul - the question on ways to make camping not boringis a huge one many people ask, and we’re here to the rescue!

If you and your friends are planning an epic camping trip for the summer, make sure you plan for it to be exciting, memorable and worthwhile. The last thing you want is to come home after a weekend of complaining how boring it was without wifi, showers, and a washing machine.

People go camping for adventure, to be one with nature, to grow with others and find themselves within.
So let’s show you how to make your trips this summer exciting - the Kuku Camper way!

1. Dress right and bring the best supplies and gear

Right Shoes

We can’t tell you how many people go camping wearing a pair of flip flops and that’s it. Have you tried hiking in flip flops? OUCH. Flip flops will keep you sitting around the campsite.

Your feet were made for exploring! Bring a comfortable pair of hiking or tennis shoes, and extra socks incase you accidentally step in a puddle, or your prankster friends decide to push you in a stream.

Extra Hoodie

While the daytime will be hot, do bring a hoodie or throw blanket for the cold evening. When night comes and the campfire is blazing and everyone’s singing and having a great time, you don’t want to be in your sleeping bag stuck in your tent because you’re too cold.

Versatile Backpack

Also bring, a good backpack that will allow you to comfortably carry extra bottled water, snacks, and other important things like a facial mask (incase you have seasonal allergies while hiking) first-aid kit, binoculars, sun tan lotion, selfie stick, and even your phone.

Hiking trips can quickly become boring and unpleasant when you’re dehydrated, hungry, and burning up in the sun. Having a backpack that carries the essentials for you will change that!

2. Plan the course of your trip

You don’t have to have every moment nailed. But do have an idea of what your day will look like so no one is left questioning what’s next.

One way to make it easier to plan your activities is simply knowing what your campground offers.
Trust us - not taking the time to do this will lead to you and your friends arriving at the campsite asking yourselves, “now what?” skip twiddling the thumbs. Know what your campground offers!

This doesn’t have to be hard. Before your trip, just Yelp or google your campground on your phone and see what activities they offer before hand.

Having an idea of whether your campground offers a frisbee golf course, fishing lake, or even a charcoal grill will allow you to plan your day with more activities.

3. Entegrate activities into contests

We got this idea from one of our customers who uses a Kuku van to camp with their family each Summer.
Interestingly, people who get bored easily are often more entertained when you turn something into a competition. Even if they’re not great at the activities, the experience is what matters. Below are some easy contests that your friends and family will love:

Treasure Hunt

The idea behind this is to get the grumpies (typically those who want to sit at camp and be on their phones) to engage in the outdoors..

The idea is to give everyone a list of items to find while on the trail. These items should be somewhat easy to find and bring back to camp (Pine cone, purple flower, bird feather, petrified wood, fire poking stick, etc). You can also add items like empty bottles and cans to help improve the environment.

After an hour of searching, teams can come back and show off what they’ve found. Whoever makes it to camp first with all the treasure items, wins!

Best Poses

Similar to Treasure Hunt, this contest encourages people to engage with nature, however, this one focuses more on hiking, appreciating the natural views and getting some great selfies.

The idea is to have 5-10 poses that each person or team must achieve. Some of the poses could include:

  • -  Three people holding a fourth person with a backdrop of a mountain ravine below
    -  Your team posing on the bank of a nearby lake
    -  Everyone jumping the air at once near a creek

Just make sure everyone is safe when doing their best poses!
Whichever person or team wins gets rewarded with something like not having to help with cooking dinner, or cleaning up the dishes afterward.

Have some fun thinking of creative ways to get your bored friends up and active!

4. Don’t forget the cool gadgets

You’d be surprised how many awesome outdoor toys there are to help make camping more fun and adventurous for everyone! A few fun and wacky toys we like are the following:

Bug-A-Salt Shotgun - Who knew you could have fun shooting down pesky flies and mosquitoes? It’s totally safe for kids and adults alike and doesn’t require batteries.

Folding saw and hatchet- These can be fun ways for each person to test their firewood cutting skills! Don’t worry- even those who’ve never held a folding saw can still give a shot at cutting up kindle, or trying to split a small log in half. The point is to have fun. Just make sure your campground allows you to collect firewood, and that you follow all safety guidelines on cutting tools.

Fire-starter kit - Why not make starting a campfire fire a little bit more interesting?
You can practice your survival making skills using a magnifying glass or a magnesium rod starter to strike sparks onto your kindling. (Make sure you follow and obey all current fire warnings and restrictions wherever you are.)

And lastly, load up all your supplies and gear in a Kuku camper van, made with plenty of space so you don’t forget a thing. Our Kuku camper vans also allow you sleep comfortably on a cushioned bed instead of inside a tent on the hard earth, making camping for everyone even more enjoyable!

Checkout our van options today, and start your Kuku camping experience!