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If you come from a place where surf brakes are scarce and people are plentiful. Arctic surfers will take you to surf brakes where  the you are literally one with the wave. Ingo Olsen the owner of this little operation is a good friend of KuKu Campers and is always up for a late night of skateboarding with a couple of beer´s. He´s a certified travel operator which loads of experience of the Iceland. He can mix up tours with, glacier hiking, caving and free skiing all to meet his customer needs.  If you want training, you will get it. If you are experienced and just want the local experience he has gathered for the last decade than you are in good hands.

Check out the picture section of their web page to get a feel for the icelandic surf heaven

Here´s a picture of Ingo Olsen, he´s one fantastic human being,