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Now we are talking! This camper fits 5 adults and has a nice kitchen, a Queen size bed and a bunk bed 48’ by 67’. It´s perfect for groups of 3-5 if everyone wants to sleep inside the camper. It also has an optional built in heating system which will keep you in a tropical climate while you sleep.  It has 2 seats in the front and 3 in the back. Therefore one can drive while the rest of the group plays poker in the back.
Colorado camper vans don´t get any better than this!


  • Due to insurance regulations our KuKu camper vans are not suitable for children under one year old or under 20 lbs. The back seats in our KuKu camper vans have two point seat belts (lap-belts). 
  • Please note that category C has two different setups and KuKu Campers can not guarantee availability of any specific setup.

Take a look at our newest category C: